Bricks & Mortar

Some of the building materials that make up Etude. Case studies, articles and the occasional bit of news. We listen. We calculate. We communicate clearly. We care about what we do.

Masonry support system thermal performance

Masonry support systems, or brick shelves, are needed in buildings over three storeys. They have a big impact on thermal performance and could be better.

Acoustics and Overheating risk

A Best Practice session with Anthony Clifton from Max Fordham to join up thinking on internal noise and overheating risk.

Good practice guide to insulation

A short version of the Good Practice guide to insulation written for the Passivhaus Trust. Get good practice guidance on installing insulation.

Planning our time with Lego

We use a physical project planner to organise our time with lego bricks, a lego calendar. It’s an idea we borrowed from Special Projects