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The (low) embodied carbon of solar PV

There is a myth that solar PV generation doesn’t ‘payback’ the initial embodied carbon that it takes to produce. We don’t think this is true.

Easi Guide to Passivhaus Design

Collaboration with Levitt Bernstein to produce a guide with 10 clear principles for achieving Passivhaus on multi-residential schemes.

Halving energy use in buildings

Collaborating with Julie Godefroy to produce the background report for recommendations to the Green Construction Board.

Thoughts and support for Extinction Rebellion

How XR can and should shape our work as building professionals. We support the urgency and focus of XR.

Proposing a renewable future for Bermuda

From consultation response to electricity grid analysis to crowd funding.

Measuring site waste by material

Investigating the actual quantities of waste generated during construction.

Heat pumps for low carbon heat in London

The key conclusions from our study for the GLA into the implications of a more widespread update of heat pumps in London. Download the full report here.

Masonry support system thermal performance

Masonry support systems, or brick shelves, are needed in buildings over three storeys. They have a big impact on thermal performance and could be better.

Acoustics and Overheating risk

A Best Practice session with Anthony Clifton from Max Fordham to join up thinking on internal noise and overheating risk.