Easi Guide to Passivhaus Design

In collaboration with Levitt Bernstein, we have produced the Easi Guide to Passivhaus Design.  The guide provides 10 clear key principles on designing larger residential Passivhaus buildings, or the type of low energy buildings we need to address climate change. It covers what this standard is, how to work towards it, as well as dispelling some of the myths surrounding this type of design strategy.

The guide has been endorsed by the Passivhaus Trust and although focused on principles for residential, is relevant to all low energy or Passivhaus buildings. These principles, if considered early in the design stages, can be viewed as a design opportunity rather than constraint, providing the ability to make ultra efficient buildings an integral part of the design process.
Here is a brief introduction to the guide…

This is an open access guide available for download from the Levitt Bernstein website.

Achieving a zero carbon future will only be a reality if we prioritise more efficient buildings. To do this, we need to go beyond the minimum standards of the building regulations and achieve construction near or beyond Passivhaus.