#ENDGASNOW Accelerating the end of fossil fuel heating

Last year we decided to raise awareness of the importance of phasing out fossil fuel heating, after becoming troubled by our industry’s ongoing acceptance of specifying new or replacement gas boilers. We worked with several like-minded organisations to create the #endgasnow campaign, where supporting organisations make a simple pledge: to end the installation of new fossil fuel heating systems in their projects.

Around 1,760,000 gas boilers are installed a year

Each boiler that is installed risks locking in another decade or more of fossil fuel heating, while also missing opportunities to optimise a building’s heat distribution system for low carbon heat sources. This doesn’t seem like a sensible approach given that we have less than six years of 1.5˚C carbon budget remaining. New buildings in particular represent an excellent opportunity to redirect investment away from gas and toward low carbon heat sources.

We pledged to stop working on projects that use fossil fuel heat

We decided, as a company, to pledge to #endgasnow and immediately stop working on any projects where new fossil fuel heating systems were proposed. Since making this decision early in 2022, we have turned down a small number of projects, however this is rare and our efforts are mostly focused on helping to guide our clients toward the best low carbon heating solution for their project.

Other companies joined the movement

To date, around 50 organisations have pledged to #endgasnow, including housing developers, leading architectural practices, building services engineers, Passivhaus designer and certifiers, and of course many sustainability consultants.

Sign up today!

In 2023 we expect to see many more organisations sign up. If you’re interested, more information and instructions on how to pledge to #endgasnow are available at www.endgasnow.uk. We look forward to having you join.

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