Planning our time with Lego

We use a physical project planner to organise our time with lego bricks, a lego calendar. It’s an idea we borrowed from Special Projects and we thank them for their excellent tool. In our version we look two weeks ahead and we use a brick to represent half a day of work on a project.

Now updated to Lego calendar version 2.0

The first Lego calendar was completed in 2015, we had a making day and over engineered our lego calendar from some waste OSB board. We updated the calendar in 2021 to allow more team members, projects and to make it free standing. You can move the weeks so the current week is always first.

Lego sculptures

We occasionally make a lego sculpture to sit on top of the calendar. Follow us on Instagram. Here are some of our efforts and the inspiration behind them, with the occasional lego creation from a guest to the Etude office.