Thoughts and support for Extinction Rebellion

I’m a huge admirer of the thoughtful urgency that Extinction Rebellion has brought to the climate debate. The movement, plus strikes by young people in Schools and some much due media attention, have reinforced and reframed my thoughts about Climate Change and what we can and should be doing as individuals and a company.

The Etude team talked about, ignored, attended, camped out or were blissfully unaware of the protests in April 2019. There was no gluing or arrests, but some work was carried out from under a tree on Waterloo bridge (office cut backs) and we’ve thought about how it affects what we do.

at Extinction rebellion protest on waterloo bridge

Wind battles coal in a performance protest on Waterloo bridge.

04 Etude at Extinction Rebellion protest Waterloo bridge climate emergency

The message is right and should be listened to.

It’s extreme and aspirational, but the urgency and aims are what the evidence says is needed to reduce harm. Pain now to avoid excruciating agony later. Or more positively, opportunities now that will only make for a better World in the future.

We must take the challenge to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to zero as soon as possible. Morally and economically we should act now. At Etude we are privileged to be able to ‘do something’ about Climate Change in our working lives, informing clients on what they need to do to reduce carbon emissions. Sometimes this is to meet minimum requirements, but more and more we’ve dared to talk about going further and it seems that most of our clients want this!

Declaring a climate emergency is only a first small step though. We cannot rely on Government to sort it out for us. Commitments from our political leaders are crucial, but need support in action. It is our job to work out what some of this action should be.

The XR brand feels aggressive, but makes a good lego sculpture.

Considering how nice and thoughtful the people on the bridge were, how the protest was purposefully non-confrontational and non-violent, the logo line-weight, colour and use in hard hitting posters seems really aggressive. We don’t need more taking of sides, and it seems to play into the hands of sensational headlines and division. I realise I might have missed the point though. Extinction Rebellion is evidence based, history shows that powerful cultural movements have powerful identity; think Peace, CND, the Black Power fist, even Anarchy has a logo.

So, thank you Extinction Rebellion for everything you are doing, raising awareness and demanding political action of course, but also for challenging us to explain solutions more clearly and take responsibility.

We support the urgency and focus of the Extinction Rebellion demands.

Read the signs banner on Waterloo bridge

Read the signs, banners on Waterloo bridge.

Extinction rebellion Etude lego sculpture

Extinction Rebellion logo Etude lego sculpture