Construction design consultancy for new buildings

We work at all phases of design and construction, helping to make new buildings ultra-low energy, zero carbon and environmentally sustainable. We enjoy collaboration, calculate with technical rigour and communicate clearly. Our advice will be:


Adapted to the particular set of constraints and opportunities. Our approach is to interact with the project team in order to understand the drivers for the design/construction and ensure that the most appropriate solutions are selected.


Relevant to the client and informed by the budget. Our work focuses on energy and sustainability, using industry leading tools such as Passivhaus to deliver outstanding environmental outcomes. From overheating risk to thermal bridge assessments, but we are practical and contribute to delivery throughout technical design, construction, commissioning and handover.


Our advice will be expressed in simple, concise and graphical documents. It is mainly based on calculations, analysis and document review in the office, but we are always keen to present and discuss the results and their implications with the team.