Passivhaus building certification

We act as independent Passivhaus certifiers. We provide assessment and technical support to clients and design teams seeking to achieve Passivhaus or EnerPHit certification.

Quality assurance

Passivhaus Certification is a quality assurance process for the design and construction of low energy buildings. It is independent and impartial with the Certifier representing the best interests of the building and building owners, now and in the future.

Catching mistakes

Quality assurance accepts that everyone makes mistakes and looks to catch these early through checking. Small changes and errors throughout design and construction can have a big impact on the performance of the building in use.

Better buildings

Contributing to better buildings through construction advice, training, and sharing extensive experience between projects. Proven to work through feedback and monitoring.

Find out more about the Passivhaus building standard.

Certification process

We get involved at each project stage to ensure everything is on track to meet the Passivhaus standards.

Find out more about each stage of the certification process.

Get a quote

Send an email to ✎ with the information below for the fastest response to your enquiry:

  • Your name, contact details and role on the project.
  • The client name and contact details. The Passivhaus certifier will be appointed directly by the client on the project.
  • The stage the project is at, the headline programme, and whether you have planning permission or not.
  • A brief description of the project.
  • Some general arrangement drawings if available.