We get involved at each project stage to ensure everything is on track to meet the Passivhaus standards. Our work provides detailed quality assurance, design feedback and support to the contractor and Passivhaus designer.

The diagrammatic overview shows the typical certification process undertaken by Etude. We may suggest variations to this process for some projects depending on their scale, complexity or programme. This information is intended to assist clients and designers in understanding the certification process and does not represent a prescribed model by the Passive House Institute. Other Passivhaus certifiers will follow their own developed approaches to certification. For more information on the certification process see the Passive House Institute Certification Process and the Passive House Institute Building Certification Guide.

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Send an email to ✎ passivhaus.certification@etude.co.uk with the information below for the fastest response to your enquiry:

  • Your name, contact details and role on the project.
  • The client name and contact details. The Passivhaus certifier will be appointed directly by the client on the project.
  • The stage the project is at, the headline programme, and whether you have planning permission or not.
  • A brief description of the project.
  • Some general arrangement drawings if available.